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On-A-Roll Lifter® Power Jumbo

With a powerful 12-volt DC motor, the On-a-Roll Lifter® Power Jumbo allows one operator to easily lift and lower rolls as heavy as 990 lbs (450 kg), as wide as 16 feet 5 inches (5 m), and with diameters as great as 19.6 inches. This motorized lifter securely positions large and heavy rolls while providing a safe, effortless, and efficient solution for handling. Last Updated: 04/17/18
Category: Media » Material Handling

Email: information@go-foster.com
Phone: 800-523-4855
URL: http://go-foster.com/products/
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Splash of Color

On-A-Roll Lifter Material Handling Systems

The Foster On-A-Roll® Lifters were designed specifically for grand & wide format printers, sign makers, roll converters, package printers and label printers and anyone responsible for lifting wide and heavy rolls of media. Whether foot pump or motorized, these systems allow for smooth effortless lifting. 360º heavy-duty rotating casters allow you to maneuver through standard doors and narrow passages. Last Updated: 11/12/19
Category: Media » Material Handling
Contact: Keith Faulkner
Email: sales@splashofcolor.com
Phone: 800-441-9064
URL: http://www.splashofcolor.com
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