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Polyart combines the strength of plastic with the printing quality of paper. Polyart stands up to water, grease, weather and chemicals; plus it beautifully reproduces all your most imaginative ideas. That means Polyart is the perfect solution for virtually any application. Our unique clay coating results in supremely vivid, rich colour and gives Polyart the versatility to print in a variety of sheet fed and web print technologies. Last Updated: 01/10/18
Category: Media » Film
Contact: Lee Cowan
Email: lee.cowan@arjobexamerica.com
Phone: 7045873000
URL: http://polyartusa.com/products
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Tedlar PVF film

Tedlar PVF film provides a long-lasting finish to a wide variety of surfaces exposed to harsh environments while its inert, non-stick properties make it an excellent release film for parts processed under high temperature and pressure. Last Updated: 01/01/70
Category: Media » Film

URL: dupont.com
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Lintec of America Inc.


Lintec's VisionControlFilms consist of a family of specialty privacy films. When adhered to glass the layers of film provide a frosted effect that can appear and disappear as the viewing angle changes. These are available in varying levels of degree from either the horizontal or vertical positions. Last Updated: 10/03/17
Category: Media » Film

URL: digitalwindowgraphics.com
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