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A custom software development company with the
main focus on IoT, VR, and AR solutions. Operating
for over 15 years, HQSoftware does any development
above low-level programming for hardware:
-Technology consulting;
-High-level development for devices and sensors;
-Custom software for gateways;
-Big Data, Analytics, AI, Machine Learning;
-UI/UX design;
-Web and mobile full-cycle app development;
-Third-party integrations.
For more info, contact us at
Company URL:   |   Address: 315 Madison Avenue #3045, , New York, NY 10017

Augmented Reality Application

A cross-platform mobile app that allows for on-
site maintenance of complex industrial
equipment without the help of experts.
Highlights: creation of interactive, visualized
maintenance and repair manuals; precise
image recognition with the help of Metaio; use
of dynamic 3D objects. Last Updated: 05/30/18
Categories: » Manufacturing    » Outsourcing Services   
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Contact: Yuliya Gudkova
Phone: +1 917 720 38 06
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