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UltraBac Software, Inc.

UltraBac Software provides high performance backup & disaster recovery software for physical and virtual machines. Our suite of products offers reliable, easy-to-use data protection at affordable prices. Whether you’re a small business with 1 server and 10 VMs, or an enterprise with hundreds of servers and workstations, UltraBac has a solution that is scalable to your needs. We help organizations of all sizes safeguard their data by reducing system downtime and meeting recovery time objectives.
Company URL:   |   Address: 15015 Main Street, Suite 200, Bellevue, WA 98007


UBDR Gold uses image-based backup & disaster recovery technology to provide fast physical or virtual restores. Recover a dead machine in minutes, even to dissimilar hardware. Perform live image backups to restore one or more disk partitions - even to a larger capacity disk drive. UBDR Gold was the first Windows backup software to offer physical-to-virtual (P2V) based disaster recoveries. This allows organizations to recover a server and emulate it virtually 100% in as little as 15 minutes. Last Updated: 09/15/14
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Phone: (425) 644-6000
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