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Metaforic is a leading provider of security software technology for anti-tamper protection. This technology protects virtually any software from subversion, theft, tampering or other corruption. It is proven in millions of deployed instances, from consumer software to business devices. Metaforic’s software immune system strengthens licensing and reporting systems for deployed software, as well as protecting cloud-based services from subversion. Its products are available for nearly any operating platform, including mobile, embedded, desktop and servers. Metaforic has offices worldwide.
Company URL:   |   Address: 560 S. Winchester Blvd., , San Jose, CA 95128

Metaforic Core

Metaforic Core™ software analyzes code both statically and dynamically, then automatically injects an optimized schema of various software antibodies into a copy of the source code, which developers then compile and build as normal. Developers never have to interact with the immune system; it is part of the automated build process.

Metaforic Core provides the foundation for all Metaforic software protection; it is a prerequisite for additional Metaforic capabilities:
• Metaforic Authenticator™– Ensures an application is in constant communication with an authentication device or cloud service.
• Metaforic Concealer™– Hides sensitive data and obfuscates sensitive code.
• Metaforic Enhanced Integrator™– Facilitates easy deployment into complex build environments.
Last Updated: 07/05/12
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