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Crawford Technologies Inc.

Crawford Technologies, Inc. is an award-winning,
global provider of solutions and services that
enable organizations to meet their customers’
rigorous demands for instantaneous access to vital
information. CrawfordTech’s suite of solutions
include software for print stream transformations,
production workflow automation, customer channel
preference management, electronic delivery,
information storage, and retrieval as well as
document accessibility, and more. With over 1,800
print and mailing service providers and other
around the world as clients, CrawfordTech has
provided cost reduction, process optimization, and
streamlining of mission-critical communications
such as bills and statements across all channels and
in all formats.
Company URL:   |   Address: 60 St Clair Avenue West, Ste. 1002, Toronto, Ontario M4T 1N5

PRO Conductor

PRO Conductor makes it easy to plan,
implement, manage, and monitor automated
production workflows. With a selection of
modules that support virtually any
environment and that can be integrated with
other systems and processes, PRO Conductor
orchestrates every step of an end-to-end
workflow – from document composition to
delivery. PRO Conductor is a true integration
platform that unlocks the work behind the
workflow. A powerful web-based dashboard
allows internal operations and customers to
view real-time job status and SLA
information, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

PRO Conductor is architected to easily
integrate with other software systems and
hardware. With a comprehensive selection of
modules supporting specific functionality, as
well as over 100+ connectors to well-known
industry solutions for print production,
finishing, multi-channel output, payment,
shipping, reporting, archiving, CRM, and
mailing equipment, it can ft into virtually any
environment. As business evolves, PRO
Conductor can be extended and enhanced to
accommodate the addition of new systems
and locations or decommissioning of older
solutions, thereby future-proofing operations.
Last Updated: 11/24/20
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Contact: Jeff Hines
Phone: 866-679-0864
Product URL:
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