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Crosscheck Networks

Crosscheck Networks

Crosscheck Networks' mission is to provide products for discovering, diagnosing and controlling enterprise Web Services. Crosscheck Networks' products provide business managers, compliance officers and Web Services Architects with the real-time information they need to make faster, more informed decisions that enable their companies to stay within corporate and regulatory boundaries. Crosscheck Networks provides actionable information to ensure that compliance officers, business owners and technical staff are successful in mitigating corporate operational risk within their Web Services-based SOA.
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Last Updated: 01/23/12

SOAPSonar provides comprehensive Web Services functional, performance, compliance and Vulnerability Testing. Through point-and-click, IT personnel can auto-generate SOAP and vulnerability suites based on WSDL. SOAPSonar provides file, URI, drag-&-drop WSDL Loading; HTTPS and basic auth; HTTP header authoring; drag-&-drop test suite selection; complex WSDL support; virtual clients for performance testing; integrated PKI key generation & import/export (256-3072 bit keys), SSL with X.509 client authentication; and SOAP with attachments. Detailed reports including statistics, logging, graphs with export to PDF, XML, CSV formats are provided. SOAPSonar includes comprehensive support of WSS-2004 Tokens including username, X509, SAML, and Kerberos Tickets. SOAPSonar also provides WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 assertion highlighting; HTTP proxy support, and WSDL operation chaining.
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White Papers
Flexible Ways to Link IT Assets Pose SOA Testing Challenges

By Crosscheck Networks

SOAPSonar tests for blind spots in SOA performance, security, SOAP attachments, WSDL and interoperability, helping developers deliver web services that are robust, reliable, secure and scalable. SOA testers can now ensure that SOAP testing blindspots are reduced or eliminated

Document: View PDF
Entire Appliance Needs FIPS 140-2 Certification for Secure SOA Link By Crosscheck Networks

The driving force of tapping SOA successfully to reuse producer services is usually at odds with security. The FIPS-140-2 threshold from NIST validates security requirements. Read this paper to understand the standard your vendor needs to meet to prevent security holes in your SOA deployment.

Document: View PDF

Open Source has become an essential and popular resource for many tools and platforms used in SOA deployments. Effective SOA testing requires the ability to test SOAP, XML, and REST based messaging patterns to assess robustness and reliability. Read this paper to learn about the costs and limitations of open source SOA testing.

Accelerate Your SOA Projects Through Service Simulation

By Crosscheck Networks

Reusable services are the cornerstone of a successful implementation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Service simulation can mimic producer services before they are implemented, an alternative to an expensive reference environment. In this paper, we cover SOA Project Lifecycle issues and how best to address them through service simulation.

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Go Backwards: Learn SOA Regression Testing Techniques

By Mamoon Yunus

Software regression testing help identify changes between a selected product release and a previous release, called a baseline. Establishing a regression testing framework is crucial for building reliable and stable software products. QA professionals face unqiue challenges in performing regression testing of applications built atop Service Oriented Architecture. Read this paper for some techniques.

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Watch your SOA Testing Blind Spots

By Mamoon Yunus and Rizwan MallalCrosscheck Networks

The flexibility of Web services makes developing and deploying a robust SOA a challenge. Here are some common blind spots and some remedies.

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Reducing SOA Identity Fatigue through Automated Identity Testing

By Crosscheck Networks

Identity management is crucial to securing Web Services-based applications in a Service Oriented Architecture. Enterprises are under unrelenting pressure to integrate internal systems and external trading partners. Diagnostics Software will play a pivotal role in successful deployment of SOA applications.

Document: View PDF
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CloudPort from Crosscheck Networks is a service virtualization product for mimicking services in the cloud and enterprise data centers prior to implementation. Organizations can use CloudPort to align their infrastructure with business requirements to enhance reliability and security. The product offers visibility to assist in the evaluation and selection of cloud providers, helping organizations to plan a cloud migration strategy that mitigates risk.

By Rudolph Araujo and Neelay Shah

Like all new technologies, HTML5 offers new and exciting features — which are sure to be exploited for harm as well as benefit; here are some thoughts on how to make your application the most secure it can be...

By Frank Teti

A look at cloud computing at our nation’s capitol provides some good examples of private and federated clouds, essentially a state-of-the-union update on cloud computing.

By Peter Gregory

Securing an application involves securing much more than just the application itself; the app is only the beginning.

By Rudolph Araujo and Roman Hustad

A holistic approach to software means that security is integrated with every part of the development lifecycle, creating a defense in depth against vulnerabilities.

By Richard Tews

To more fully understand why governance is so critical in service-oriented architecture (SOA), it is important to examine what happens without it; having someone govern the governance is imperative.

By Frank Teti

Not all SOA and Web services architectures are created equal; three different companies implemented completely different SOA projects and learned important lessons along the way.

By Rudoph Araujo and William Hau

Choosing the right technology for virtualization calls for an in-depth look into the security risks associated with the various options available.

By Rudoph Araujo and William Hau

A structured and systematic view of the impact of hardware virtualization on IT risk management.

By Richard Tews

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) lets organizations use services as building blocks to develop applications; it’s important to make good decisions about investing in SOA-related initiatives.

By Rudolph Araujo

Proper security testing requires the right mindset; Knowledge management, though often overlooked, can lead to great gain.

By Rudolph Araujo

A lack of security requirements leads to insecure software; proper planning, however, can enhance the security of a software development lifecycle.

By Rudolph Araujo

Final in a series on how to develop secure applications is a focus on a category not appreciated until things go wrong.

By Rudolph Araujo and Mark Curphey

As part of a security assessment or from a defensive programming perspective, proper error handling and exception management ensure that failure conditions are dealt with in a secure manner.

By Rudolph Araujo and Mark Curphey

Secure app dev design and review needs to address these critical security functions from project day one.

By Rudolph Araujo and Mark Curphey

Critical security functions are often left for individual developers to deal with; secure app dev design and review needs to address them from day one.

By Rudolph Araujo and Mark Curphey

Getting it right before you release means data must be protected in storage and transit; here are some guidelines for how to do so.

Administrators, security pros need to be included in early design; access to configuration stores must be carefully controlled.

By Damian V. Rinaldi

SOA standard finding broad acceptance as distributed computing platform, and it helps drive IT and business together.

By Rudolph Araujo and Mark Curphey

Inspections allow development teams to leverage the biggest advantage they have over attackers – in-depth knowledge of the design, architecture and source code.

By Mark Curphey and David Raphael

Code reviews help in two ways: development teams determine how hackers might break their code, and they learn ways to build more robust applications.

By Rudolph Araujo & Neelay Shah

New browser-enabled security techniques target cross-site scripting and clickjacking, enabling Web Site developers to control access to server-side security policies and helping victim users avoid logging onto attack servers.

By Sreedhar Kajeepeta

Unless enterprise security architecture addresses endpoint security comprehensively (i.e., taking into consideration things like virtualization, mobility, and social networking), cyber-security will remain elusive.

By Rudolph Araujo and Neelay Shah

Web sites are only as secure as the certifying authorities behind them; a number of options exist to make these more secure.

By Cassandra Balentine

The latest trends in software development address security concerns throughout the entire lifecycle.

Thought Leadership

By Crosscheck Networks
Learn six effective ways to bridge the divide between SOA development and QA teams to compress the SOA lifecycle and improve focus

By By Mamoon Yunus, Rizwan Mallal and David Shaffer

Agility meets extensibility and Amazon EC2 and Oracle SOA Suite wed. Will Gestalt be their happy ending?Utility Computing + SOA: Realizing the combined benefits of Amazon EC2 and Oracle SOA Suite 10g

By Rizwan Mallal and Mamoon Yunus, Crosscheck Networks

Traditional techniques such as Black, White and Gray Box testing map well into Web Services deployments, but there are some challenges. A novel approach extends Gray Box’s reach into realm of White Box testing.

By Rizwan Mallal, Crosscheck Networks
Only by adopting a comprehensive testing stance can enterprises ensure that their Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) begins to form the fabric of IT infrastructure. The SOA testing must span functional, performance, interoperability and vulnerability testing to ensure that the SOA is robust, scalable, integrated in the environment and secure.

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