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EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) is the world leader in products, services and solutions for information storage and management that help organizations extract the maximum value from their information, at the lowest total cost, across every point in the information lifecycle. Information about EMC's products and services can be found at
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Product Description
Last Updated: 01/26/12

EMC software helps organizations to simplify the tasks involved in managing information. The increased intelligence, protection, and flexibility we provide also helps to simplify the infrastructure on which information resides while increasing the value of this information.

IT departments typically spend most of their resources managing an organization's existing infrastructure. They need to manage all of the information that the organization creates and stores along with a huge number of applications, new rules and regulations, and networks of servers and storage. As a result, IT departments can only apply 20 percent of their resources to new business opportunities.

In response, EMC has pioneered information lifecycle management (ILM) software that helps organizations store, manage, protect, and share information.
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White Papers
The Challenges of Deploying Information Rights Management Across the Enterprise


To successfully deploy information rights management (IRM) into the security infrastructure, IT professionals and security officers need to overcome the challenges around user authentication, content protection via policy, auditing and compliance. Here is a guide to the issues and how IRM can overcome them.

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Enterprise Rights Management Becoming Higher Business Imperative


Survey of IT and services firms shows ERM is a business opportunity in a range of industries including accounting, healthcare and consumer financial services. It is being used where information leakage is a primary concern, including client and customer communications and medical patient care. Read the research details here.

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The average knowledge worker wastes 9.5 hours/week searching for information, for an annual cost of $14,000 per employee. This demo shows you how EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Integration Services helps organizations improve accessibility, productivity and efficiency by connecting knowledge workers with the information they need from a single user interface.

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By Lana Gates

As digital content grows exponentially, more alternatives emerge for managing it, including open source alternatives and packages targeting SMBs; high-end CMSs continue to innovate as well.

By Merill R. (Rick) Chapman

Multi-tenant architecture more prevalent as firms grow above $10 million in revenue.

By Lana Gates

Successfully addressing requirements management from a more iterative approach requires aligning business with IT; open communication is key.

By Jasmine Noel

A CMDB must achieve specific goals to be successful; Advice: prioritize the issues, map IT processes to those issues; Then determine data each person needs to get the job done.

By Jim Johnson

An agile development process improves the odds of success; try executing a baseline project to take six months and cost no more than $750,000.

By Lana Gates

Virtualization software is first step toward on-demand data center and goes hand-in-hand with Software as a Service model; pricing and packaging still need to be addressed.

By Robert D. Kugel

Software products can help automate Sarbanes-Oxley compliance to a degree, but resulting process improvements may be just as big a payoff.

By John P. Desmond

Integration services, customer self-service help drive growth; Software 500 total revenue up 16.5% from previous year; employee count up 13.7% .

By Jason Matthews and Scott Campbell

With more than 91,000 software installations and 12 million customers, SAP AG is among the world’s largest independent software suppliers, ranked No. 9 on the 2005 Software 500.

By Jasmine Noel

For years IT organizations have put process-control technologies like configuration management databases or change control systems on their budgetary wish lists. They were always told the same thing: “It is not a priority, maybe next year.” In walks the federal government to change all of that. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) tackles the integrity of the financial-reporting process for publicly traded companies. SOX outlines civil and criminal penalties for enterprise officers and external auditors if financial information is not accurate and complete. That got people’s attention.

By Rudolph Araujo and Neelay Shah

Web sites are only as secure as the certifying authorities behind them; a number of options exist to make these more secure.

Thought Leadership

By EMC Corp

EMC has created a new approach to enterprise search that enables integration of all content sources inside and outside of the enterprise and provides access to all of this content via a single user interface. EMC® Documentum® Enterprise Content Integration (ECI) Services makes enterprise content accessible with a single query no matter where it resides.

By David Mendel, EMC Corp

All IT professionals recognize the risks inherent in leaving sensitive content unsecured. A solution gaining in popularity is information rights management (IRM). Learn what it's about.

Case Studies

By Cassandra Balentine

The latest trends in software development address security concerns throughout the entire lifecycle.

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