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SmartFlow Compliance Solutions, LLC

Software piracy not only costs software enterprises millions in terms of lost revenues, it undermines the economy by giving companies who use software without paying for it an unfair advantage over those who build the purchase of software into their cost of doing business. Our mission is to help our clients minimize unfair competition by creating an economically sound and competitively fair playing field for the business community.
Company URL: https://www.smartflowcomplianc   |   Address: 9465 Wilshire Blvd Suite 300, Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2612
SmartFlow Enterprise
Last Updated: 01/01/70

SmartFlow Enterprise 2017 is a complete solution for larger software companies that require a comprehensive data-driven approach to fighting global commercial software misuse.
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Featured Editorial

By Ted Miracco

Software piracy is a $53 billion epidemic that not only impacts a software company’s bottom line, but also undermines all of its paying customers, the efforts of employees and shareholders. But software piracy isn’t going away and pirates will continue to find new ways to steal software. By gathering actionable intelligence on the illegal software users, ISVs can begin to take back some control of software piracy.

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