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Graphic Parts International

Vacuum Tables

Vacuum tables are useful for rapid prototyping, CNC routing, & hosts of manufacturing applications when holddown is required. Available w/ cutouts,inserts,disappearing registration guides,lift pins & more, the company’s vacuum tables are customized to suit any need. Sizes up to 10x25 ft, configurations and surfaces including anodized aluminum and SS are available. For non-conductive & sensitive material applications, phenolic tabletops are available. Last Updated: 12/01/15
Category: Backup/Storage » Other
Contact: Michael Green
Email: mgreen@awt-gpi.com
Phone: 7737777100
URL: http://www.gpiparts.com
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Messagepoint Inc.


Messagepoint is a powerful hybrid cloud- based content management platform serving the customer communications management needs of large enterprise customers. It provides an intuitive and secure environment for business users to directly control touchpoint messaging content and business rules driving the pace of change for customer-facing print and digital communications. Last Updated: 03/02/17
Category: Backup/Storage » Other
Contact: Ed Worsfold
Email: ed.worsfold@prinova.com
Phone: 416-687-5381
URL: http://www.messagepoint.com
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Profectus, Inc.

costratesadvisor.com Budgeted Hourly Rates Software

Cost Rates Advisor Budgeted Hourly Cost Rates Software For The Printing And Packaging Industry determines the break-even cost of your equipment and services, so you can confidently and profitability estimate, price, and cost jobs. The cloud-based software uses industry best practices and formulas to calculate your true out-of-pocket costs based on your expenses, employee wages, assets, and production. Last Updated: 12/10/15
Category: Backup/Storage » Other
Contact: Craig Press
Email: sales@costratesadvisor.com
Phone: 1-888-868-8662
URL: http://www.costratesadvisor.co
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XSE Group, Inc


www.xerographicsupplies.com Last Updated: 12/14/09
Category: Backup/Storage » Other

Email: AdamkiewiczJ@xsegroup.com
Phone: +1 (888) 272-8340
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