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AccuData Integrated Marketing


Our SourcePLUS solution is a multi-source database that enables us to provide incremental lift in available prospects over a single data source by 25% or more. By combining multiple databases and de-duping we can provide the “net” unique records that are missing. Last Updated: 11/16/09
Category: Marketing » Database
Contact: Mark Donatelli
Email: mark.donatelli@accudata.com
Phone: +1 (800) 732-3440
URL: http://www.accudata.com
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BCC Software Inc

BCC Data Services

BCC Data Services is a list-enhancing resource that saves money, shrinks delivery times, and boosts response rates. With new Prepaid and Unlimited pricing options, users can expect fast turnarounds and great pricing. Last Updated: 05/27/10
Category: Marketing » Database
Contact: Katie Williams
Email: info@bccsoftware.com
Phone: +1 (800) 337-0442
URL: http://www.bccsoftware.com
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Melissa Data

Data Enhancement Services

Clean and enhance customer databases with NCOALink Move Update processing, duplicate removal, phone and email append, and access to 100s of mailing lists available for immediate download. Fast turnaround and low prices. Last Updated: 06/11/15
Category: Marketing » Database
Contact: Chris Rowe
Email: chris@melissadata.com
Phone: 800-826-1450
URL: http://www.melissadata.com/dm/
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Print Shop Manager

Print Shop Manager Estimating/Job-Ticket/Accounting

Print Shop Manager for offset and digital pricing. Our setup allows you to customize your pricing for multiple models to suit your business needs. Pricing for walking, commercial, large customers special needs customers. All is available with our flexible setup. Pre-Press and Post-Press flexibility for all your profit centers including mailing. Last Updated: 11/24/15
Category: Marketing » Database
Contact: Rich Giles
Email: psminfo@aacro.com
Phone: 770-592-2028
URL: www.printshopmanager.com
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Satori Software Inc.

Satori Software Inc.

Data Enhancement Services

Take customer information management beyond address correction with Satori Software contact data enhancement and suppression services. Now you can supplement your CRM database with additional consumer data tailored to your goals and reinforce the value your business delivers. Append contact details, amend addresses and identify records on do-not-mail lists to improve profitability and customer service. For details, call 800-553-6477 or visit www.satorisoftware.com. Last Updated: 06/07/13
Category: Marketing » Database
Contact: Corey Smith
Email: sales@satorisoftware.com
Phone: +1 (800) 553-6477
URL: http://www.satorisoftware.com/
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