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Dalim Software

DiALOGUE Engine Softproofing System

DIALOGUE Engine soft proofing server is an integrated part of a third-party DAM or custom designed web page. Any document can be reviewed in a standard web browser, no plugins required. Comments are stored on a centralized server. Measuring densities, checking layers and separations is only a mouse click away. With the DIALOGUE Engine color certification (SWOP), color renderings match the printed result. The closed-loop calibration system makes quality assurance easy. Last Updated: 04/17/18
Category: Color Management » Proofers
Contact: Graham Blanks
Email: info@dalim.com
Phone: 407-574-7486
URL: http://www.dalim.com
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GMG Americas

GMG ColorProof

GMG ColorProof is the most cost-effective, high-end proofing solution on the market, meeting all contract proofing requirements, including color accuracy and repeatability. The intuitive user interface enables users to get up to speed quickly. GMG ColorProof integrates SWOP and Gracol standards, and includes native support for remote proofing. Last Updated: 12/01/17
Category: Color Management » Proofers
Contact: James Summers
Email: infoamericas@gmgcolor.com
Phone: 781-740-4077
URL: http://www.gmgcolor.com
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GTI Graphic Technology, Inc.

GTI Wall Viewing Systems

GTI’s wall viewing systems deliver proper light intensity over a large area. Wall systems combine luminaires with Munsell N8/ neutral gray metal coated wall panels and mounting brackets to create an ISO 3664:2009 D50 compliant viewing area for large format projects. Luminaires are available in 4’ and 5’ lengths and can be ordered as a single, dual, or multi-source fixture. Last Updated: 11/12/19
Category: Color Management » Proofers
Contact: Brian Wolfenden
Email: bwolfenden@gtilite.com
Phone: 845-562-7066
URL: www.gtilite.com
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