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Evonik Cyro LLC

Evonik Cyro LLC

Evonik is one of the world�s leading suppliers of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) acrylic sheet products. Marketed under the ACRYLITE� trademark in the Americas, the same products are marketed under the PLEXIGLAS� trademark elsewhere in the world. With our large selection of specialties, ongoing technological advancements and partnerships, we help shape the markets of the future with our customers.
Company URL: www.acrylite.net   |   Address: 299 Jefferson Road, Jefferson, NJ 07054
ACRYLITE® digital print
Last Updated: 04/24/16

ACRYLITE digital print is a crystal clear acrylic sheet with enhanced adhesion properties for UV curable inks used in todays flatbed digital printers. ACRYLITE digital print eliminates the need for costly adhesion promoters or other labor intensive surface preparation. The optical clarity of ACRYLITE digital print ensures color accuracy and brilliance on every print and the superior adhesion properties provide additional durability in handling, shipping, and installation.
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Contact: Eric Miller
Email: eric.miller@evonik.com
Phone: 484-888-2517
URL: http://www.acrylite.net/produc
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