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FDC Graphic Films, Inc.

FDC Graphic Films, Inc.

FDC has both a warehouse and converting
facility in South Bend, IN and in Reno, NV. FDC
is in its 30th year of
operation as a master distributor and
converter of wide format digital media, digital
over laminating films,
digital banner, sign and heat transfer films.
FDC markets, converts and distributes leading
brands such as
Lumina®, 3M, RTape and ASLAN exclusively
through distribution.

FDC will get you what you need - On time,
complete and error-free!

Count on us!
Company URL: www.fdcfilms.com   |   Address: 3820 William Richardson Drive , South Bend, IN 46628
Lumina® 2520 - Translucent Cast Vinyl
Last Updated: 07/10/19

Lumina® 2520 is a premium cast vinyl
film that is ideal to be used in backlit
signage. It features a synthetic liner
opposed to a standard paper liner. The
new synthetic liner will make it easier for
cutting and weeding, also making
installation easier when using the wet
application method. The 2 mil film is
available in 31+ colors across the
spectrum! With a seven-year outdoor
durability, users can rest assured knowing
that their graphics will stand the test of
Categories: » Adhesives    » Vinyl   
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Contact: Dylan Souza
Email: dsouza@fdcfilms.com
Phone: 5748001271
Lumina® QuickPress (9010)
Last Updated: 07/10/19

Lumina® QuickPress (9010 Series) is an
all new heat transfer vinyl (HTV) designed
to unlock your potential. This special
adhesive activates at 260° and takes only
5 seconds to bond! This adhesive has a
hot or cold separation/peel that is also
resistant to washing. You can
immediately peel the carrier away for
instant results. Lumina QuickPress can be
used on cotton, polyester, mixed textiles,
"technical textiles", performance wear,
spandex/elastane and more!
Categories: » Vinyl    » Adhesives   
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Contact: Dylan Souza
Email: dsouza@fdcfilms.com
Phone: 5748001271
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